A career day for all Mechanical Engineers of the Netherlands

7th of October 2024, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

About ME Student Day 2024

About ME Student Day 2024

The ME Student Day is a symposium for Mechanical Engineering students in the entirety of the Netherlands. The day is filled with a company fair alongside with lectures, cases and workshops provided by companies in the field of mechanical engineering to help you figure out what kind of career fits you best. On the day there will be free lunch during the company fair and the day will close with a drink.


Conference Centre Supernova, Jaarbeurs Utrecht


7th of October 2024
10:00 - 17:00

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The first edition of ME Student Day will take place in the centre of the Netherlands: Conference Centre Supernova, in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht!

Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

The Jaarbeurs is located in the Utrecht next to the train station, meaning that it is easy to get to from anywhere in the Netherlands. The Jaarbeurs has a variety of rooms where different workshops and lectures will be given.

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Entrance to the ME Student Day is free but does require you get a ticket. You can get additional tickets for bus rides back and forth to Utrecht!

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Meet the organisation of ME Student Day 2024! Consisting of 5 students from Enschede and 2 from Eindhoven, we combine our experience from board years at our association or student teams to organise this ambitious event!

Stijn de Jong W.S.V. Simon Stevin

Hey! My name is Stijn de Jong and I am the Chairman of the organization of the ME Student Day. Besides keeping the Committee on track and overseeing the meetings I also take part in contacting partners for the acquisition.

Caitlin Reichardt W.S.G. Isaac Newton

Hi, I'm Caitlin. I am a mechanical engineering student in Enschede. I previously did a board year at W.S.G Isaac Newton where I was the secretary. I have also done the symposium committee at the same association. I really enjoyed both of these and when the idea of a ME Student day was suggested, I thought it would be very interesting to participate!

Jurian Tijs W.S.G. Isaac Newton

I am Jurian Tijs, a 5th year student and currently in the first year of the master's degree in mechanical engineering, where I am following the Aeronautics specialization. Last year I did a full-time year at Green Team Twente, the student team that makes a Formula student car that runs on hydrogen, where I designed the chassis. In addition to my studies, I am currently treasurer of the MEstudentday committee to ensure that finances run smoothly.

Lars de Haan W.S.G. Isaac Newton

My name is Lars and I'm currently finishing my Bachelor ME at University of Twente. Last year, I was the Commissioner of External Affairs of W.S.G. Isaac Newton, in which role I have organised many career events as well as our last Symposium on the UT. Within the organisation of ME Student Day, I will keep up my passion for acquisition alongside designing this website.

Jesper Kussendrager W.S.G. Isaac Newton

Hi my name is Jesper Kussendrager, master student mechanical engineering. Next to my studies I have been active in my student life at my study and sport associations. Now I look forward to the newest challenge of organising ME Student Day!

Koen Geurtsen W.S.G. Isaac Newton

Throughout my student carreer I have done several board years at the University of Twente. The one where I was the chairman of W.S.G. Isaac Newton being the most important one. I really enjoy organising and setting up events especially from the logistics point of view. That also explains my role within this committee. I am very excited to work on this Symposium

Ben Gortemaker W.S.V. Simon Stevin

I am Ben Gortemaker, and with Stijn I was a part of the Board during the 66th Board year of W.S.V. Simon Stevin. During this year we had the ability to organize many activities and the idea for a large shared activity was created. Currently I am doing my Control System Technology masters at the TU/e and next to my study I am responsible for the promotion for the promotion of this symposium.